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Why Mercedes are zooming past F1 teams at will

mercedesIn the past year and this, Mercedes have been a force to be reckoned with in the world of Formula One. Thanks to a combination of favourable rule changes and awesome drivers, the German outfit is leaving its rivals choking on their exhaust.

The turnaround came when the FIA decided cars would run on the more fuel-efficient, turbo-charged (and boring) V6 engines instead of the monstrous V8s. This suited Mercedes’ one-stop strategy to the hilt, and turned their seasons around. Of course, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have also proved to be brilliant in the last two seasons, but the sheer superiority of the new Mercedes F1 WO5 engine has definitely made their work much easier.

Following the dominance of Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel for four consecutive years from 2010 to 2013, no one could have predicted that Mercedes would turn out to be the new heavy weights of Formula One. The German-owned team won the Constructors Championship very easily in 2014, running away with a lead of almost 300 points. And this season, too, Mercedes made short work of the rest of the pack, wrapping up the title with four races to go, despite a strong challenge by Ferrari and Vettel at the start of the season.

And the stats are impressive, too: In the nearly-two seasons so far, Mercedes have taken pole position in 32 out of 34 qualifying sessions, and won 28 of those races. They have also led an astonishing 1668 of 2030 laps.

Hamilton, who won the Championship pretty convincingly last season, finishing 67 points ahead of teammate Rosberg, has been even more impressive this season, winning 10 races so far, and already 73 points ahead.

If by chance, FIA decide to change the regulations and scrap the turbocharged engines, like they did in 1988, then it would be interesting to see whether Mercedes would continue dominating. However, that prospect is still far away and in the meantime, it’s still Mercedes and Hamilton grabbing all the limelight, while other teams and drivers continue to play catch up.

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