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Tottenham vs Liverpool EPL match – Prediction Recap

liverpoolOur Prediction:

Unbeaten Tottenham have an upper hand. Liverpool, even with a new strategy may not compete the hype. They are just getting started with Klopp and hence should be fine. At best, they can manage a Draw. For Tottenham, a lead of just one goal will do by the end of the game.


Tottenham – 0
Liverpool – 0

Liverpool’s welcome tryst with optimism

The travelling Kop hosted a banner at White Hart Lane on Saturday. The banner sported 5 stars, the liverbird, a caricature of new manager Jurgen Klopp and the words ‘We Believe’. Nothing could have summed up the club and its future better.

Klopp’s presence was immediately felt — the team pressed harder and there was a desire to win back the ball. Most importantly, every player on the field looked a lot more comfortable, and that’s probably because they all played in their preferred positions.

All in all, there’s a whole lot of football coming Liverpool’s way. If they can improve on their performance at White Hart Lane, consistently, a top 5 finish is well and truly possible.

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