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Top 10 drop shots and swag: Tennis star Roger Federer

drop shot

Drop shots in tennis are perhaps one of the hardest techniques to master. Yet, they look so easy. Ask any budding tennis player how difficult it is to make it look easy. Tennis coaches advise that it has to be used at the right time — when the opponent is well behind the baseline or moving side to side. It is all based on deception – move your racquet at speed until the very last moment before it comes in contact with the ball, after which you slice it with carefully weakened and angled contact. The ball loops over the net and then spins away after one bounce. End result: the opponent looks befuddled. This high-risk, high-reward shot is one that few can play and even fewer can execute with finesse.

The drop shot is perhaps the one shot that sums up the quality of Roger Federer’s tennis. Federer, unlike most of the hot-blooded lot around him, is all about finesse. Federer is to tennis what Zinedine Zidane was to football. Zidane’s 360 turn is the footballing equivalent of Roger Federer’s drop shot – making art out of sport.

The funny thing is Federer had disdained the drop shot early in his career but changed his mind after it helped him finally win the French Open in 2009 when opponents were playing deep to negate his forehand. Today, at 34 years old, Federer doesn’t have the power or speed of other top players like Novak Djokovic, but his game has aged gracefully because he has an arsenal of tricks and crafty moves to throw opponents off.

We leave you with a video that will leave a fan of any sport ooh-aahing for more.

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