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The ingredients of a perfect Test – Pakistan vs England, Dubai (DSC), 22-26 October, 2015 – Our Prediction

Prediction: Pakistan has an edge. The Draw is our second favourite. England may suffer trying to win the later sessions of the game by the end of the third day.

The wicket is offering. We are in the second day of a gripping test match. Having piled up a total of 378 with a crafty century by Mr. Patience, Misbah-ul-Haq, makes Pakistan feel comfortable against a struggling England at 46 for the fall of two wickets.

Both Imran Khan and Wahab Riaz are up for the grabs. They have already bagged a wicket each. Their line and lengths are ripping through the comfort zone of both the batsmen. Otherwise steady and mostly stoic, Alastair Cook can be seen troubled at times despite negating the swing with his thoroughly planted front foot. A miss here and a miss there, yet no gap between the bat and the pad & he survives. Joe Root’s case is even more lethal. He has already taken a couple of blows after having arrived at the crease. 142 Kmph doesn’t fall back to 128 Kmph or so at any point. Wahab Riaz has gone out at full throttle and the cherry is responding fine. Either it is a short ball or it’s a Yorker.
The only moment the partially worn-out cherry didn’t respond was when it failed to dislodge the bails despite kissing the stumps on Zulfikar Babar’s delivery.

Else, Cook would have been walking back to the pavilion, a little too early.

After almost winning the first Test match, England would not want to be submissive at any point in the second one. They have managed to halt Pakistan below 400. They would want to move anywhere close to the score to keep the contest intact. The boundaries are following after spells of calmness. There is a long way to go. With spin not yet as effective as expected, England would want to tackle the pace batteries and assemble runs.

The pitch has held up firmly into the second day and proves to be an ideal preparation for an even contest between the bat and the ball. With both teams having quality spinners, it would be interesting to gaze the turn and uncertainties it offers with the passage of time.

Adil Rasheed would definitely want more wickets than what Moeen Ali manages in the second innings.

This is a wonderful display of a cricket match between teams of contrasting nature and strengths.

The vastly empty stadium doesn’t offer much of an enthusiasm, but the contest itself is charismatic.

Having lost Moeen Ali quite early in the innings followed by Ian Bell’s dismissal while fiddling with a ball way outside the off stump, England would want to contain the pair of Root and Cook, the two better players of spin they have.

By the end of the second day, chances are more likely that England will add another hundred runs to their score with the loss of three more wickets. To have some dominance in the game, it is must for England to see through the third day at the crease. Even if the scoring is slow, they should continue to contain the wickets by the end of the third day.

If not, then it opens the gates for the Pakistan bowlers and it would go on to tilt the result of the match in Pakistan’s favour. As England bat last in this match, they can’t afford to pile up pressure of chasing a big score in the 4th innings.

Unlike the Abu Dhabi Test, the third day of this Test match is very important. The team that does well will carry on.

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