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The best sports gifs of 2015

It’s been a wonderful 2015 as far as sports is concerned. While there have been numerous headlines worth writing about, there have been some that have gone under the radar.

Not anymore.

Here’s a selection of crazy, funny moments from the world of sport that should be kept alive for years to come. Enjoy the best gifs of 2015!

1. Too close for comfort

2. Petrol-head(wind)

3. Who lives in a skate park under board?

4. Boom! Headshot! Repeat!

5. Pitch perfect

6. Who won? I did? Oh… Yay!

7. Are you not entertained?

8. Per ‘picks’ out a head

9. The definition of ‘walking it in’

10. This isn’t the man you’re looking for

11. Cuteness overload

12. I’ve made a huge mistake. Maybe not!

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