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Stuck on repeat, Liverpool just need to press play

Photo courtesy: The Mirror
Photo courtesy: The Mirror
Photo courtesy: The Mirror

For long, Liverpool have been stuck in a fruitless cycle that has sapped the energies of its players, managers, fans and supporters – one that has cast a cloud of despair over Anfield.

For more than 20 years one of England’s most decorated clubs has underachieved to an extent that was once thought impossible. Managers have come and gone, players have come and gone, and yet trophies have been conspicuous by their lengthy absence.

The cycle has been the same for all the years since the Reds won their last top flight domestic title way back in 1989-90: Managers arrive, demand a slew of new signings, do well for a time, get disillusioned, leave. Repeat.

Usually, at the end of yet another trophy-less campaign, the blame falls squarely on the manager, who couldn’t deliver success despite having being allowed to build a squad of his choice.

However, the club is finally beginning to break free of those shackles thanks to Jurgen Klopp’s statement that he does not want any new signings to bolster his squad. He believes the personnel at his disposal are good enough. And his belief in his players seems to have percolated down to the squad. Philippe Coutinho has said they still believe Liverpool can win the league this season.

Klopp’s start to his managerial stint at Liverpool was excellent. When the Reds defeated Chelsea, trounced Manchester City and tore Southampton apart, the belief was back at the Kop. However, a recent string of results, including a 3-0 humbling against Watford, have brought that sense of foreboding back to Anfield.

But in Klopp, Liverpool have a certified winner. And not since the heydays of the ’70s and ’80s, overseen by the likes of Bob Paisley and Kenny Dalglish, have Liverpool had a charismatic, proven leader in their dugout.

That said, the manager is only as good as his players. If Klopp can get his core set of players in 2016 – Philippe Coutinho, James Milner, Daniel Sturridge, Roberto Firmino and Christian Benteke – to take up the mantle of inspiring the team by putting in the effort week in, week out and not on a monthly basis, Liverpool will finally stand a chance to live up to Coutinho’s expectation of winning the league.

As always, it’s a big ‘if’.

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