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Your Rugby Sevens Rulebook

Rugby Sevens

Rio 2016 marks the debut of Rugby Sevens at the Summer Olympics. Rugby was played as an Olympic sport during 1924 edition of the Summer games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) chose to re-introduce the sport in its seven-a-side version for at least this & the next Olympic games.

What is Rugby Sevens?
Rugby Sevens is a variant of Rugby where teams are made up of seven players, instead of the usual 15.

Rugby Sevens Rules

1. The sevens playing area is the same as that of standard rugby playing area, where fields usually measure upto 100 meters long and 70 meters wide. H-shaped goal posts can be found on either ends.
2. Sevens teams are made up of three forwards & four backs. Scrums (restart of play in rugby where players from both teams are packed closely together, with their heads down, in an attempt to gain possession of the ball) in sevens have 3 players from each team.
3. Substitution rules are similar expect that sevens allows only 5 substitutions instead of 8 in rugby.
4. Sevens has two 7-minute halves seperated by 2 minutes of halftime, unlike 40-minute halves and 15 minutes of halftime in rugby.
5. Matches drawn in sevens go into multiple sudden-death extra time periods of 5-minutes.
6. All conversion attempts have to be taken within 40 seconds of scoring (instead of 60 seconds in rugby) and the attempts have to be drop-kicks (instead of place kicks)
7. In sevens, a team that has scored kicks off, rather than the team that has conceded as in fifteen-a-side
8. Some of the key sevens tournaments are – World Rugby Sevens Series, Rugby World Cup Sevens, European Sevens Championship.

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