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Prediction Disclaimer

1) Predictions for the mentioned games appear at the start of the game in UTC.
2) If the match starts after or before the pre scheduled time, then the prediction will be declared as VOID.
3) If the description of the match is correct and the prediction is wrong, then we will consider it as Right Prediction.
4) At times, we will only describe the progress of the game and abstain from mentioning the winner as it is almost impossible to gaze all matches correctly worldwide.
5) Judging the result of our predictions and considering it to be RIGHT, WRONG or VOID is purely the right of World Sports Predict. No dispute regarding the same will be entertained.
6) At times we may fail to put the predictions as scheduled in the Upcoming Prediction section of the website. In such a situation we will remove it from the website and other places as per our convenience.A reason for the same will be mentioned later.
7) We don't guarantee to provide the match predictions of your choice, though if possible, we will engage our team to do it as per popular demands.
8) Any changes in the website, predictions etc., are purely the choice of World Sports Predict.

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Football Prediction Result Chart
Total Matches : 556     Total Void : 22
Prediction Time: 16th Feb 2016, 15:40 UTC UTC


Paris St Germain
Chelsea should manage to go past PSG even if they concede a goal initially. We either like a Chelsea win with at least a goal or a distant Draw. .
"Our prediction was wrong, PSG won the match "