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Meet Super Victor – The Euro 2016 Mascot

Meet Super Victor – The Euro 2016 Mascot

About Super Victor

  • Super Victor, the official mascot for UEFA EURO 2016, was revealed on 18 November 2014 before France’s game against Sweden.
  • A Public vote was launched to decide the name. Super Victor took 48% of the vote. The alternative names considered were Driblou & Goalix.
  • The mascot is half superhero and half child. He wears the French kit with a red cape which completes the national colours of France.
  • Super Victor will be wearing a French national kit with No.16 on the shirt.

Super Victor’s Story

Who is Super Victor?

Born in a small town in France, he has always loved playing football with his friends. The most important motto for Super Victor is to have fun and play fair!

How did Super Victor become a super-hero?

When Super was playing football with his friends, the ball went behind the fence and as he was looking for it he saw a mysterious shape hiding in the grass. He discovered an old magic chest and found 3 cool items: a red cape, stylish football boots and the UEFA EURO 2016 ball. The items suddenly started swirling around him and he realized that he could do a lot of cool things.

What are Super Victor’s superpowers?

  • Red Cape- The red cape enables him to fly up into the sky and travel all around the globe at super-fast speeds. In a single day he can now go and play football with people all over France.
  • Magic Football boots- He can invent new tricks and the boots give him great skills.
  • UEFA EURO 2016 ball- The ball never fails to get everyone up for a game. This is Super Victor’s favourite power as he always has fun when he is playing football.


What is Super Victor’s mission?

Super Victor’s mission is to have fun with fans from all over the world and celebrate the art of Football.

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