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India vs South Africa 3rd ODI – Our Prediction

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Continued Uncertainties of Team India

Betwixt is the word. One team despite on a foreign sojourn has played like a champion and its local counterpart is still keeping its fans perplexed. Compared to the busy itinerary of Team India all 365, ‘the last rest’ was almost dismantling. It took two T20s and a One-dayer to get back to some form. Was it a form return though, except for the heroics of the captain in question? The saviour of many times, once again contrived the situation to bag a trophy for his new born critics. Except Dhoni, every other player looked well within the searching mode; searching for some solidarity that takes each of these players to another level of attainment.

Scoring 150 in the previous game and getting out playing a cross batted shot early in the next doesn’t define Rohit Sharma’s form as stable. Shikhar Dhawan doesn’t call for varied reasons of failure. Pure lapse of concentration after meeting the meat of the willow can’t be colourfully explained.

So here we are with a ping pong situation. South Africa may have given some leeway to victory in the previous game, yet they wouldn’t let it all happen once all over again.

We are drawn towards an interesting situation. The fight for the might will create nervous moments for both teams. In an era where Test matches which remain dead for the first four and a half days lead to a heist by the end, what’s wrong if a series between the sort after nations starts hot, unexpected and spicy. Indian top order has to prove a lot. The bowling unit has to confirm their lethal abilities without Ashwin. It is right here at Rajkot, where Hawk eyes will widen to contain it all.

We Predict,

India may not find a great start, but will compete. In form Africans will meet intermittent dips. In the end, with probably a twist, Africa will manage to win.

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