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How Grujic nearly turned down Liverpool move

Grujic signs for Liverpool.

Marko Grujic admits his January move to Liverpool nearly fell through. Grujic became Reds boss Jurgen Klopp’s first signing after completing a £5.1million switch from Red Star Belgrade last week.

The Serbian winger will return to Red Star for the rest of the season before moving to Liverpool in the summer. But Grujic has admitted his transfer nearly fell through because of his fear of small spaces.

“I am very claustrophobic, so it was very scary for me to lie for one hour in the dark in the MRI scanner,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

“When I heard that the MRI scan was compulsory, I was very close to saying that I didn’t want to do it! I was really afraid. I couldn’t stay inside it for one minute!

“I called the doctor and raised a bit of panic so they were persuading me for around 20 minutes before I finally accepted to go inside it again. Finally, I bit the bullet and I got on with it. They made some special conditions for me.

“After that, I went to Melwood, signed the deals and they took photos of me.”

Klopp has given Grujic a special programme to follow before joining up with the Reds properly ahead of next season.

“It’s a big deal,” he added. “I’ve spent 2-3 days in the LFC camp at Anfield and in the city itself. Everything there left a really great impression on me.

“I also got some responsibilities for the next part of the season. They gave me a programme for the upcoming period which I will have to adhere to. Now, I will concentrate on Red Star and be the same old Marko Grujic.

“He (Klopp) told me that it was very important for me to stay focused during the upcoming six months – that this is only the first step in my career and that I shouldn’t relax too much.

“He also told me that I should pay attention to what I eat, and that even though our league break will be 5-6 weeks I shouldn’t rest for more than two weeks and come prepared for the start of the pre-season with LFC.

“This year Liverpool will have pre season preparations in USA while before they often had tours in Asia.”

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