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Chelsea vs Liverpool: Premier League football – Prediction Recap



When Ramires opened the scoring on Saturday, with a goal to put Chelsea ahead at Stamford Bridge, many might have thought that the rejuvenation of Jose Mourinho had begun. You might even have thought that our prediction was way off target this time. However, Jurgen Klopp had other plans. Coutinho scored in ‘extra’ extra time in the first half, something that Jose must have been fuming about internally. This spoilt Chelsea’s plans as they looked set to park the bus after taking the lead. Unfortunately for them, they now had to make a quick contingency plan and come out attacking, trying to get another lead that they could defend away to glory. This was not to be, though. Liverpool were brilliant on the counter and Coutinho made Chelsea’s defence pay again with a great piece of control and then shot.  Christian Benteke then showed what destruction he could have caused if he had been fit enough to play the full match. His superb turn away from Terry created the space for him to shoot, albeit with a slight deflection, successfully on goal.

We got this one spot on. Liverpool pummelled Chelsea in their own backyard. Football is not always easy to predict but we got it anyway.

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