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Chelsea form gives Cesc Fabregas sleepless nights


Last season Cesc Fabregas was experiencing the best possible debut season as his return to the Premier League made him a central figure in Chelsea’s chase of the title. In fact he ended the season having made the highest number of assists in the league. Chelsea ended the season with a league and cup double.

It would be an understatement to say that this season has been different. Chelsea are currently 16th with 11 points – 3 points away from the relegation zone and 15 from the top. They have already suffered seven losses, including 3 at home. Of course, less than a third of the season has been played and things could change. The problem is, though, Chelsea do not look like they are in a good situation as a team. Rumours are rife that a ‘key’ player in Jose Mourinho’s team had commented that he ‘would rather die than win for Mourinho’. It was suspected that this player was none other than the ex-Arsenal man but he has since rejected those claims.

In an interview with Marca, the Spanish international bared his heart.

“The season is being fucked. Things aren’t working out and the results aren’t doing our performances justice. We’re playing better but aren’t having any luck. When things are going your way, you flick the ball with your heel and it flies into the top corner, whereas now every pile-driver is going off target. Either way, we need to get back to winning ways sooner rather than later.”

The 28-year-old also played down concerns over his relationship with his Portuguese manager.

“Things with Mou are good. Obviously when you’re not winning things always get said, whereas when you’re winning everything’s rosy,” Fabregas said. “When you’re not winning everything is that much harder, but all of us – the players, fans and the coach – have to pull together and hang tough. We’re the only ones who can turn things round. Nobody is going to give us a helping hand. We’re still in a position to challenge the big boys in the Champions League, but in the Premier League we need to get our act together right away.”

It remains to be seen if the West London club can get their season back on track. Their next match is a seemingly easy one against Norwich City at Stamford Bridge. Time to make amends?

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