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Bayern Munich vs Arsenal: Champions League Football Prediction Recap


We did say Bayern would win and we did say by at least one goal. What we didn’t say is exactly by how many goals they would win. As last night’s match proved, it could have been any figure upwards of 1.

Arsene Wenger must be out of his wits. After many years his Arsenal side have recently started showing a solidity that is alien to fans and observers of Arsenal. Yet, this trip to Munich will go down as yet another forgettable night for the Gunners. To put it simply, Pep Guardiola’s Bayern team seem to be playing football from another planet. Arsenal were quick on the night but Bayern were fast. The sped at which their players make incisive, defence splitting passes is incredible. Lewandowski opened the scoring for Bayern and that goal itself showed how fast Bayern can strike to make you rush for the highlights to gather what really happened. Petr Cech was rooted to the spot as Lewandowski some how managed to glance his header home in spite having his back to goal. After this the Bavarians simply ran riot.

So this week’s Champions League predictions have both been spot on. Stay tuned for more as we move towards the knockout stages of the competition.

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