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Assisted living: The best Internet reactions to Mesut Ozil

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Arsenal are on top of the Premier League, and it’s largely because of the brilliance of one man – Mesut Ozil.

The Frenchman, firmly on track to beat the league’s all-time assists record, has been instrumental in forging Arsenal’s luck, and the resultant swagger. If, after 11 years, the Gunners do win the league, Ozil’s will be the first hands to lift the trophy.

With 16 assists and 3 goals in 19 games, Ozil, statistically, has contributed at least one goal in every Arsenal game this season. And the internet has not lost sight of the midfield pass-master.

Mesut Ozil, always assisting.


Ozil is Mr Dependable.

Ozil assisting Giroud’s career like…



Oxford English Dictionary word of the year 2015: Ozil


Who needs Fabregas when you have Ozil?


Ozil is the definition of Catch 22.



An assist for you. An assist for him. An assist for everyone!

Ozil: the hero football needs, but doesn’t deserve

Mesut Ozil is taken (by Arsene Wenger)


The 3 certainties in life:



Obvious Owen is obvious.

‘Big clubs’, wake up and smell the Ozil.





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