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A tale of two Manchesters

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City are in contention for four trophies this season and yet hired a new manager for the next. United have been scrambling and clawing for a sense of relevancy over the past two years but the hierarchy have unwavering faith in Louis Van Gaal.

Manchester, England is witnessing a change in status-quo. From a rich industrial town to a large, urban metropolitan borough, there is a shift in the social fabric, as clear as Red to Blue…

Hyperbole aside, recent changes planned by Manchester City as compared to the reluctance of Manchester United to make any shows one team moving in an upward trajectory and the other stagnating and struggling to stay relevant.

Manchester City are currently 4th in the English Premier League, and can possibly win one or all of the UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup and the League Cup. Yet, in the biggest deal of January’s transfer window deadline day, City signed Pep Guardiola to replace manager Manuel Pellegrini next season. Pellegrini’s contract was signed up to June 2017, but City moved fast to sign the hottest manager available in the summer. Talisman Yaya Toure is likely to leave as well. After all, Guardiola was the one who got rid of Toure from Barcelona. And then there’s the fact that Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba may likely play in City colours next season.

In comparison, Manchester United have been struggling for relevance. Louis Van Gaal has struggled with a sub-par team. Knocked out of the Champions League, the League Cup, and the Premier League title a distant dream, the FA Cup seems a whole lot more attractive nowadays. Louis Van Gaal has constantly struggled – certainly no upgrade on David Moyes – and yet excutive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has shown no signs of replacing him. Jose Mourinho, unemployed now, has courted Manchester United in the past but will likely manage the club only in the summer, six months too late. Wayne Rooney, who’s flirted with Chelsea every off-season, is still revered rather than off-loaded. Forget the likes of Messi and Pogba, United are being linked with defender Aymeric Laporte and Nicolas Gaitan, the Benfica winger who has turned them down in the past. The club’s share price has dropped to its lowest since 2012 as well.

In the Premier League era, City had held onto United’s coattails for far too long. Since 2008, they’ve been pulling harder and with Guardiola is the time when the Blue Moon rises above the Red.

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